International Services

Our specialists are trained in Global Mobility. Moving locally or state-to-state can be challenging enough, let alone moving to a different Country. Our professionals will assist with the coordination of your social security needs, driver’s licensing, banking options and more.

Introduce them to an international banker who can do immediate wire transfers of currency and set up checking and savings accounts.

Wisconsin Drivers License. We will accompany them to the DMV and take them to their written and driving tests.

Take them to the Social Security Administration building to obtain their SS #s. Advising them of appropriate immigration documents that they must bring.

Assisting them in the purchase or lease of an automobile.

Will assist them in finding a temporary furnished housing, rental or permanent a home. Also assisting them in filling out forms and acting as a liaison with the property managers. If purchasing, we will help them become pre-qualified with a lender.

Assist in finding language tutors if necessary, research ESL school programs and tour the family ESL schools. Help the family understand our public and private school system.

Job coaching for the trailing partner.

If requested, we network the family to associations, groups, religious affiliations, or grocery stores that are appropriate to the transferee.

Day to day acclimation, ATM systems, public libraries, convenience stores etc.

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