Relocation Testimonials

"The team at Restaino Relocation provides truly white glove relocation services to executives and others looking to relocate to the Greater Madison area."


Director of Talent Acquisition

"Nadya, Kate, and Gail go well beyond (an impressive) "Welcome to Madison" box of goodies; together the team puts in many a night and weekend to match potential Madisonians to the right neighborhoods, neighbors, churches, soccer teams, restaurants and social/business groups and more. They help trailing spouses connect with the right companies. This is a one-stop shop - when you move here, you'll move with new friends at the ready. I honestly don't know anyone or a team that is more passionate about selling Madison than the Restaino relocation team. What might be scripted for others, is deeply held for them, and that genuine love for our city and making sure this will be the right fit comes through."


Relocating Client

"Relocating involves a myriad of tasks that can easily be overwhelming. Tackling these tasks is where the Restaino Relocation team truly shines. The relocation team was hands-on in every aspect of our move to Madison. From finding temporary and eventually permanent housing to identifying an invaluable network of both personal and professional resources, they covered it all. 

By way of example, Gail introduced me to TEMPO Madison a women’s executive networking group which became my anchor as I acclimated myself to life in Madison. My connections and involvement in the Madison community would not be what they are today had it not been for Gail’s insight and recommendations into what best suited the needs of me and my family. Time is precious and with Gail and the team at Restaino’s assistance, I was able to devote my time and energy to adapting to new surroundings knowing I had a support team to rely on."


Relocating Client

"Thank you so much to your team for being such great ambassadors for Madison and for continuing to show off Madison in such a fun and culturally rich way. We appreciate all the resources you provide to introduce our candidates and new hires to the Greater Madison area!"



"I cannot compliment you, Nadya, and Jen enough for how amazing and professional you are! This move was an enormous change for us and you all made it much more enjoyable. Thank you for everything so far!"


Relocating Client

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